Is GTA 6 Going to be Different From its Predecessors?

GTA 5 has been a standout amongst the best games ever, and now, the same (or considerably more) is anticipated from its successor, the GTA 6. It is relied upon to be unique in relation to the past adaptations from multiple points of view, and ideally, it will satisfy the monstrous desires that have been developed by the past titles.

A standout amongst the most anticipated and expected changes in the Grand Theft Auto 6 is the introduction of a female hero as opposed to the typical all solid male saints in the course of the last five titles,  like the trio formed of Franklin, Trevor and Michael from GTA 5, Carl “CJ” Johnson from GTA San Andreas or Niko from GTA 4.

We’ll get a strong female character

Rockstar hasn’t presented any strong female character since Catalina from GTA 3. Likewise, the engineer has been criticized for a sexist demeanor towards the female characters, on account of the strip clubs and whores in its games. Along these lines, the time has come for Rockstar changes course by demonstrating the world how well it can put a strong female character in the game. What’s more, there is no better method to answer the sceptics by presenting a female lead in the GTA 6.

Further, there have been gossipy tidbits that Vice City would be back in the GTA 6. The thought is certainly engaging. The GTA arrangement has been running for as long as 21 years, and returning to where everything began isn’t an awful thought with some corrective changes and distinctive condition. With Vice City back in the game, GTA would likewise get the chance to pivot the whole establishment, offering another series and more interest to the present generation.

By Henry R. Lares

Henry Lares is still early into his career as tech reporter but has already had his work published in many major publications including Tech Crunch and the Huffington Post.  In regards to academics, Henry earned an engineering degree from Apex Technical School. Henry has a passion for emerging technology and covers upcoming products and breakthroughs in science and tech.

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