Clash Royale Update Download Available with New Features and Changes

Clash Royale has brought along a huge community of fans that love to play the game and experience the adventure to the fullest. Now, the game developers seem to shower fans with one update after the other since the most recent one came just last month and now they are working on one for the month of May as well. Today we will be talking about all the changes and improvements that come with the May update of this popular game.

What is new?

From what we have seen we are expecting to see the game introduce a new feature, namely that of Double Trouble Gum. We are not sure what this will do yet but we have caught a couple of snapshots of the text mentioning this gum during the loading screen of the game. A Reddit user managed to crack the case by coming across a picture of two archers, one of which is blowing bubble gum. Could this mean that we will get to see this duo introduced as new heroes?

Since we are talking about heroes, we are wondering if the May update will mark the moment when the Archer Queen and the Barbarian King will be added to the game. Rumors have been going around for almost a year that they will be added.

You can expect to see a number of tweak for the Clan Wars feature that has recently been added to the game. Developers could add a tie-breaker option for those battles that end up with both players doing the same amount of damage to decide who the winner is really. Until the update is ready for players we encourage you to keep playing the game and fight your way to the top until you know that you are the best player out there.

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