New York Stock Exchange Might Introduce Bitcoin (BTC) Trading Platform, After Goldman Sachs Also Showed Interest In Crypto Investments

Despite the misgivings that many investors and managers have shown in recent months towards cryptocurrencies, the barriers to dealing with them seem to be becoming less and less resilient. Even on Wall Street s the New York Stock Exchange is up for accepting Bitcoin (BTC) trading on a future platform, specially designed for this.

Not much is known about the characteristics of the project. Also, is not yet a certainty, despite the inclination of some market participants to connect with cryptocurrencies via the New York Stock Exchange.

The news, which has been confirmed in the media by four people involved in the initiative, has not yet been confirmed by the New York Stock Exchange’s parent company. The plans came just hours after another US financial symbol, Goldman Sachs, has confirmed that it will carry out the first internal transactions relating to cryptocurrency in the upcoming weeks.

Prior to New York Stock Exchange, Goldman Sachs also announced upcoming Bitcoin (BTC) investments of their own

Goldman Sachs will use its money to place buy and sell orders on behalf of its clients in financial instruments that allow speculation on Bitcoin (BTC) futures. It will also offer them its own version of “futures”, called non-deliverable forward, which will allow bilateral transactions or by mutual agreement between customers, say the sources.

In this way, Goldman Sachs is taking a step forward when it comes to virtual currency trading, an issue that it has not yet brought to the attention of national authorities and regulators.

The lack of information and regulation on this type of product, which many do not even consider an asset, raises doubts about its viability as an investment destination. The enormous volatility of the Bitcoin (BTC) price is another issue for some traders.

However, this doesn’t seem to halt many people to invest big money in Bitcoin (BTC), a fact which, allegedly, is considered profitable for New York Stock Exchange which seems to be interested in launching its own Bitcoin trading platform. Even more, Goldman Sachs share the same point of view regarding BTC and cryptocurrencies.


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