ETHLend CMO, Nolvia Serrano, Talked About The Future Of The Platform During The Blockchain Summit 2018

At the Blockchain Summit 2018 (Chile), Nolvia Serrano, the CMO of ETHLend, a blockchain-based cryptocurrency lending platform, talked about the project she represents, commented on its history and debated its future aspirations.

ETHLend is a decentralized financial market that has been built on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain network. This market allows for peer-to-peer, user-to-user loan agreements between lenders and borrowers around the world, using blockchain and smart contracts.

Nolvia Serrano, CMO of ETHLend

ETHLend ICO raised more than $17 million in just three days in December 2017

During her presentation at the Blockchain Summit Latam 2018, Nolvia Serrano described how a group of young people with no reputation in the blockchain ecosystem managed to create a global network and a great team to build a decentralized lending platform – ETHLend.

Believing in decentralization, they did not wait for investors and decided to bet on an initial currency offer (ICO), which by December 2017 managed to raise $17 million dollars in just three days, an important milestone, given the small budget they began with.

Nolvia also attributes the success of this cryptocurrency lending platform to the fact that it was not only a white paper project but also a prototype already built, which could be evaluated by the public, and therefore, has attracted the attention of media such as Bloomberg, Forbes and The Observer, as well as being finalists for the LendIt 2018 awards for the FinTech industry.

She also explained that the platform works to make peer-to-peer loan agreements with smart blockchain contracts. It is not the person but the code that is trusted because the smart contracts guarantee that if a debt is not paid, the amount of the guarantee will be given to the lender.

What’s next for ETHLend?

Among the future plans of the increasingly popular blockchain-based cryptocurrency lending platform, there is, at first, the desire to provide greater liquidity to people who invest in cryptocurrency

On the other hand, loans in various ERC-20 tokens and enabling investment in other projects will be improved in the future. Besides, ETHLend aims to get involved more in startups financing.

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