WhatsApp Update Affects User Safety – Simple Solution To Fix It

Since WhatsApp has the option to block contacts, you would expect them to actually stay this way. However, after the latest app update, things went wrong. Last week, many users complained that they were still getting messages from these people despite blocking them. Moreover, these contacts reappeared in their contact list.

Are there any other options affected by this update?

Fortunately, other user options have been unaffected. The latest WhatsApp update has targeted group chat features such as limiting the number of members in a group chat as an admin or blocking any potential re-invites in an unwanted group.

However, a few weeks ago, a random “black dot” message appeared on the app screen and if it was clicked, it would download thousands of tiny characters and affect the phone’s CPU and render messaging capabilities, crashing the device in the end. You simply receive a message with very little visible text and a black circle emoji next to it. It can’t even be stopped by the traditionally close and then re-open the app method. Instead, not even restarting your phone doesn’t do wonders.

There is a relatively simple solution to this problem

For the app to finally take your option into account, people must toggle it on and off similarly to notifications. You simply remove the blocked contact from your Address Book and then you block it again. Users would have been better without having to do this again and again but it is still a simple method to block them for good.

It seems that the company has encountered various problems during the past few weeks. WhatsApp hopes to get back on the right tracks with the newly implemented options regarding group limitation, personalized description and keeping in touch – or not – with others.

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