Clash of Clans Tips – Essential Defense Building Strategies

Many people thought that Clash of Clans was going to be a “one hit wonder” mobile game, but Clash of Clans proved everyone wrong by staying on top of the industry since 2012 when it was originally launched. The reason why Clash of Clans managed to stay relative after so many years is because the game received constant updates and because the gameplay is complex.

A great example of how complex Clash of Clans can be is the way players strategize about which is the best way to build bases, or which is the best way to attack. Talking about Clash of Clans strategies, today we are going to show readers the best way that they can set up their bases in order to make their fortress impossible to break.

The Pocketed Base

Most people love to spread out their bases and make them look like a real town, but this is not how you win in Clash of Clans. A great alternative to that type of standard base is the Pocketed Base strategy. Players are advised to place their town hall in the center of the base and then surround it with splash defenses and a 4×4 wall. This strategy will make giant useless because they will take a lot of time avoiding the walls.

The Bulkhead Base

Moving on to more advanced strategies, veteran Clash of Clans should consider using the Bulkhead Base strategy. The main rule of this strategy is to kick un-needed buildings outside the walls and then add extra walls between those buildings. This strategy will also render giants useless.

Now that the base has been segmented by wall defenses, Clash of Clans players need to place bulkheads in large boats because it will prevent the base from sinking if a leak below the waterline starts flooding.

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