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Clash Royale June 2018 Major Update Download Available – New Cards, Troops, Emotes and Clan Wars Fixes

Supercell announced that Clash Royale is scheduled to receive a major update on June 5th, 2018. The game developer has made it a tradition to release massive updates during summer time and to make things even better, the new Clash Royale update will focus on adding more features, gameplay changes and to balance classes. With that being said, let’s check out what are the most important changes that the new update will bring.

Four New Cards

Even though Supercell doesn’t want to unveil any important details about the upcoming update, the Clash Royale community has strong reason to believe that four new cards are going to be introduced in June. In addition, dataminers managed to find some hints which point towards these new cards.

Clan War

Talking about balancing the game, Supercell is expected to add some important software tweaks to the Clan Wars game inside Clash Royale. The last time Clan Wars received an update was back in April and rumor has it that the game developer is looking to fix tie games and to give players more incentive to mix in different troops in order to create a diverse war deck.

Funny Emotes

If we take a look at what the Clash Royale community has to say about emotes, we will see that they are both hated and loved. Some people love them because they make it easier to express themselves while others hate emojis because trolls spam them in the chat and this can get annoying. Nonetheless, Supercell wants to expand the range of emojis Clash Royale offers and fans should be ready to see more funny emojis in the summer.

New Troops

Last but not least, a previously leaked picture showed that Supercell plans to introduce a new Elite Archer troop. The special thing about this troop is that it uses a crossbow, and this might make it more powerful than the normal Archer class that we all know and love.

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