EOS (EOS) Will Trade At $33 By The End Of July, John McAfee Predicted

Everybody knows that John McAfee is a crypto enthusiast. He backed up cryptos and blockchain technology on many turns and now he came up, once again, with one of his well-known predictions. According to John McAfee, EOS (EOS) will reach $33 by the end of July.

A few days ago, on June 3rd, McAfee put the EOS community on fire after releasing the rumor that EOS (EOS) will reach $33 in July. Despite that many considered his prediction crazy, maybe John McAfee had some inside information, wouldn’t he?

Well, we can’t say he had or not, but one thing is for sure.

He also predicted Bitcoin (BTC) will reach $200K by the end of 2020 but, as we speak, there are no signs that such thing will happen.

However, today, thus 3 days after McAfee’s prediction on EOS (EOS), the crypto went down by several points, decreasing from $14.77 (on June 3rd) to $13.61 (today, June 6th, at the moment of this writing).

Can EOS (EOS) reach $33 by the end of July, as John McAfee predicted?

Honestly, we can’t say for sure, and nobody can, as we all know that cryptocurrencies market is highly volatile. However, relying on facts, can EOS (EOS) reach the value against the US Dollar that McAfee predicted?

First, for EOS (EOS) to reach $33 it has to appreciate by about 150% (as its price is $13.61, at the moment of this article).

Taking the last 3 months into consideration, EOS cryptocurrency has grown by about 140%, as it was one of the top earners among the top 10 cryptocurrencies. However, if we look at EOS (EOS) progress during the last 30 days, we notice that this crypto has actually declined by more than 20%.

But EOS recovered by about 10% in the last 7 days.

As the EOS (EOS) progress looks right now, we doubt that it can gain 150% in the upcoming 1,5 months but, I repeat myself, the cryptocurrencies market is pretty volatile and massive increases, as well as significant losses, might occur.

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