iOS 12 Highlights – New Features with Privacy Changes

Yesterday, at the annual World Wide Developers Conference, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, talked about some new software features for iPhone, Mac, iPad and even for Apple Watch. The company made an announcement about the next iOS 12 software, which comes with a tool that will help users beat technology addiction and which will also see an improved performance.

Less worries about phone addiction

Apple is adding some new tools that will be extremely helpful for those who struggle with phone addiction. There will be an activity report that will keep track of how much time will a user spend on their mobile device. A new setting, “App Limits” will help people decide how many hours they should spend on their phone every day.

Also, there will be more control options for parents, which will allow them to make decisions regarding their children’s usage of the phone.

There will be a focus on augmented reality

A new AR tool called “Measure” was also presented at the conference. This will basically turn your phone into a ruler. There’s been also discussions about how Lego developers are using this technology for their apps.

However, the new iOS 12 will not be available until September, when Apple will announce the new iPhones at its press event.

Privacy changes

The Safari browser will be updated with new anti-tracking and privacy features. Apple also made a quite intriguing announcement. It seems that the “like” and “share” buttons, along with the comment fields from websites, will now be turned off automatically in Safari. This is to prevent users from being tracked on various sites that use cookies and website data to sell them ads.

More changes to come

There will be some updates to other features as well. FaceTime will soon allow users to support video chats with as many as 32 people. The camera in Messages will get some new effects. The next macOS will be named Mojave. New animals and even a ghost will be added to the Animoji feature – this is only for iPhone X users. But that’s not all. It looks like Apple is adding a new option to create an Animoji that looks just like you, which will be called Memoji! Doesn’t that sound like fun?

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