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Google Play Store 10.3.31 Update Download Available – Improves Performance and Stability

Google Play Store is at the center of all Android powered smartphones. In fact, the Play Store acts more as a gateway for users who are looking to enhance their user experience by installing cool and useful apps such as Uber which people can use to call drivers to pick them up and pay for the ride online instead of having to hail a taxi outside in the cold.

Considering the fact that Play Store is a key component to Google’s Android operating system, no one should be shocked to find out that the Android parent keeps regularly releasing new updates for it. Everyone who owns an Android powered smartphone eventually uses the Play Store and Google wants to make sure that it never malfunctions and here is where the regular updates come in.

Google Play Store 10.3.31 Update

Talking about Play Store updates, Android fans should be happy to know that a brand-new update has been recently released. The update changes Play Store’s version number to “10.3.31” and it contains lots of software tweaks which enhance its performance and stability.

Enhanced Performance

As previously mentioned, the new update helps Play Store run faster than ever. Google packed the new update with lots of software tweaks that don’t bring any visual changes or innovative features and focus on improving performances instead. Therefore, we advise Android fans to get their hands on the new update as soon as possible.

Bug Fixes

Another important reason why Android fans should keep their eyes peeled at the notification panel and get the new update the moment it arrives OTA (over the air) is because Google also added some bug fixes to it.

With that being said, Android fans who enjoy downloading third-party apps and want to make sure that the Play Store never malfunctions should connect their smartphone to a Wi-Fi network and check for this latest update.

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