Sims 5 Release Date Leaks: What to Expect In The Near Future?

We’ll take a look at the latest rumors about the Sims 5 release date. It seems that the producer of the Sims series, Electronic Arts, is more focused on updating the existing games than on releasing a new Sims.

Since it was first launched in 2000, this life simulation game has received a great amount of positive feedback, along with some very good reviews. Now fast-forward to 2018, we have four games in the Sims family, with numerous expansion packs and DLC packs. Not only that, but you can even play the game on your mobile device. Everything that we know so far would indicate that the fifth generation of the series is on its way. Still, it looks like the release date might be delayed even more.

We know by now that Sims 4 was regarded as being the first one in the series to have a modern gameplay and graphics. However, this was not enough for the Sims fans, who were expecting something more from the game. It is obvious then that fans cannot wait to see what Sims 5 will be like.

Release date rumors

It is known by now that Electronic Arts are not very keen on giving out information about its future games and thus, EA did not provide us with any details about the much anticipated Sims 5 game. So far, all we have are some rumors, according to which the company might make an announcement about a new game this year or at the beginning of 2019. Therefore, this would mean that Sims 5 could be launched sometime in 2019 or maybe 2020.

The Sims Mobile

This is actually the original Sims game for iOS and Android. The first week following its release, the game had a profit of 2 million, which was more than the profit of its PC counterparts.

Taking the success of The Sims Mobile into consideration, which brings more money to the developer, we can expect EA to concentrate more on the mobile version of the game, rather than releasing Sims 5. Since Sims 4 and the mobile version are still attracting a great number of new players and bring profit to EA, we might have to wait a little bit longer until we have a release date for Sims 5.

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