Clash of Clans Hall 12 Download Available – New Electric Dragon Troop and Fun Gameplay

The developers behind Clash of Clans recently released a short teaser for Town Hall 12 and this made the community go crazy. The reason why Clash of Clans fans are getting so excited about the new update is because it adds more flavor to the game. Not just that, but Town Hall 12 will introduce a bunch of new troops and they give players a chance to create new attack and defense strategies.

Town Hall 12 Leak

Additional details about the new update are scheduled to come out during the upcoming days, but luckily, we don’t have to wait that long because a new leak has unveiled that Town Hall 12 will introduce a brand-new Electric Dragon.

Electric Dragon

If there’s one thing that makes Clash of Clans fun to play, then it must be the troops that players can recruit and use. As you can tell by the troop’s name, the Electric Dragon is going to be a powerful troop that will help players destroy their foes. Considering that dragons have the ability to fly, the new troop might be able to hover right over enemy walls, thus making it very effective against splash damage.

Changing the Meta

Even though the new Town Hall 12 update has yet to arrive, the Clash of Clans community is already talking about how the meta is changing. High-level players are currently thinking of new strategies that include the Electric Dragon and we can be sure the new troop is going to be fun to use.

Fun Gameplay

We should mention that the team who is in charge of developing Clash of Clans is doing a great job. The game has been around for a couple of years and the gameplay has remained fresh and fun ever since. These regular updates that Supercell is constantly rolling out is what keeps veteran players coming back for more.

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