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Clash of Clans’ Town Hall Update – New Potions, Giga Tesla and Siege Machines

With a new update of Clash of Clans expected to be released later this month, Supercell is planning to add a huge amount of interesting features to keep its fan base happy. Since its launch, five years ago, this game was nothing but successful, in a big part thanks to the company’s policy of a constant improvement through updates, which have kept the game exciting and enjoyable. The 2018 summer update is supposed to do exactly that. We also expect many aspects of the game to be changed for the better.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the proposed changes.

Balancing changes

As it is the case with every important update, some balances will be modified. These changes will cover certain aspects of the game, such as: cheaper wall rings, lower costs of improving wall rings, increased maximum storage limit for Elixir, Gold and Dark Elixir, more loot gained through winning wars and some of the spells becoming more powerful.

New potions to be added

Five new potions will become available within the official Fan Kit: Magic Potion, Heroic Potion, Potion of Strength, Reset Clock Potion and Insta Finish Potion.

Giga Tesla

This new feature will help you protect your town hall against the aggressors and becomes available to you as soon as you upgrade to Town Hall 12. Giga Tesla itself can be updated up to five levels, which adds more power to the weapon.

Siege Machines to be introduced

As confirmed by Supercell, Siege Machines will become part of the battlefield with Town Hall 12. These weapons will have a great impact on the game, changing the strategies of attacks between clans and players.

New troop to be added

A new troop, now confirmed to be Electro Dragon, will be added as a part of the Town Hall 12 update.

The TH12 update is supposed to be released around the third week of June, much to the excitement of the fans.

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