IOTA (MIOTA) To Become A Fierce Competitor For Ethereum (ETH), Thanks To Qubic

There is ongoing excitement in the just-released IOTA (MIOTA) Qubic, as the community lists potential examples of using the technology, such as oracle computers, subcontracted calculations, and smart contracts, which makes it a prospective contender for Ethereum.

As a result of the introduction of Qubic, the staff behind IOTA (MIOTA) is currently preparing an expanded AMA to shed light on the ongoing strategies for advancing Qubic.

Very soon we will have an extensive #AMA on #IOTA, Qubic, strategy and so on. I encourage a healthy and constructive discussion about #Qubic (microHash is a good example), but if you are not sure, etc., wait for WADA.

David Sonstenbo, IOTA (MIOTA) co-founder, on Twitter

Since Qubic was disclosed, IOTA enthusiasts have been full of hope. Several analysts have been speculating on the different applications involving the product and their implications. But no one appeared to be completely correct until the crew behind the concept came out to thoroughly discuss what technology has to say in the blockchain universe.

Qubic makes IOTA (MIOTA) a fierce competitor for Ethereum (ETH)

Qubic is reputedly a standard protocol that defines the IOTA standard for quorum-based calculations, including systems such as oracle machines, subcontracted computing, and smart contracts.

One of Qubic’s greatest benefits is its smart computing power, which will put IOTA (MIOTA) at the same level to Ethereum (ETH) that has taken advantage of the development of its new market for ERC20 tokens which are completely reliant on ETH.

As many have grumbled about the poor scalability of Ethereum (ETH) system, which has a high transactional fee that leaves it relatively undesirable for the applications, IOTA (MIOTA) Qubic has the chance to surpass the ETH platform with its outstanding characteristics.

Qubic, that will totally follow the IOTA (MIOTA) protocol, is reported to be much more satisfying and proactive than the Ethereum (ETH) platform. Also, amazingly, Qubic provides tokens which are referred to as “toqens” on the platform.

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