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iPhone 9 Release Date Delayed Because Of Production Problems

iPhone 9 is about to have a late launch compared to iPhone X 2018, having problems with manufacturing the cut-off LCD that it wants to use this year.

The information comes from the Asian publication Nikkei, this being the second to announce that production for iPhone 9 will begin later than the one for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus, so there might be some truth in this.

iPhone 9 is set to have the final components just delivered in August at Foxconn factories where they are going to be assembled a month later than those that will be used to produce Apple’s iPhone 11. The one month delay between initiating production for the two iPhone models is not unusual if Apple has production problems and what we are hearing about iPhone 9 is not really new, similar information being offered about iPhone X in 2017.

iPhone 9 was initially announced for launch in the autumn of 2018, but it seems it will arrive in October or even November on the market, if Apple’s partners are able to solve problems with the manufacture of LCD screens. It is unclear what affects the production of LCD screens for iPhone 9 in 2018, but it does not matter, because if Apple does not have components, in the end, they can not make the phones. On the other matter, we already know for some time that iPhone 9 will have an enhanced three-camera setup and top AR features.

By Henry R. Lares

Henry Lares is still early into his career as tech reporter but has already had his work published in many major publications including Tech Crunch and the Huffington Post.  In regards to academics, Henry earned an engineering degree from Apex Technical School. Henry has a passion for emerging technology and covers upcoming products and breakthroughs in science and tech.

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