Clash Royale Update – Get Better with These Tips & Tricks

Clash Royale offers such a complex gameplay system that there aren’t that many other mobile games which can compare to it in terms of strategies. Clash Royale does a great job of challenging players to create powerful strategies in order to defeat their foes and this is what makes the game so fun to play. However, not everyone has enough time to come up with Clash Royale strategies and with that in mind, today we are going to present readers with key tricks for troops and spells.

Gems are Valuable

The way that Clash Royale developers generate profit is by selling gems. Although, the developers are not forcing anyone to purchase gems with real money currency and players can simply collect them by playing the game. This is why gems are valuable and saving them should be everyone’s top priority.

Therefore, we advise players to create Builder Huts instead of using gems to instantly upgrade buildings and troops. All Builder Huts feature a builder and can be used to create/upgrade buildings for free.

Expensive Spells

Just like gems, players need to be careful when it comes to using their spells and not use them in one fight. Clash Royale spells are renowned for being expensive and this is why players need to reduce how much spells they use per encounter. In addition, Clash Royale players should only use spells when they are sure that the resources they get in exchange are worth it.

Raiding Weak Villages

Raiding in Clash Royale rewards trophies and resources. However, not all villages are weak and players will more than often find themselves fighting against tough opponents. Therefore, Clash Royale players should make a habit to click the “Next” button while searching for villages to attack and only choose the weaker ones.

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