Dead Space 4 Game Comes with Several Exciting News

Few games have as many fans as Dead Space. It couldn’t be otherwise since gamers can enjoy many video games, comic books and two animated movies under the same umbrella of an interactive and constantly growing franchise. So far, we don’t have any news on possible title changes, so let’s start imagining things and thinking about what Dead Space 4 could bring.

The present scenario

After Visceral Games, the studio producing the Dead Space franchise shut down in 2017, nobody knew if the developers have some news in mind for the future. The series is thought to have great potential and even if Dead Space 3 didn’t have much success, EA decided to keep the franchise in a shadow and revive it after some time with some of gamers’ favorite elements.

Now we know that Sci-Fi or Horror games are becoming more and more popular, so the void left by the Dead Space has been filled by many new games. However, the potential release of Dead Space 4 appeared on the Reddit community for the first time. According to these sources, the new game’s storyline is set before the facts occurring in Dead Space 3. It focusses on the Black Marker and its discovery, as it has been mentioned in Dead Space 2.

The release date isn’t expected any time soon

Unfortunately, this exciting new piece from the Dead Space franchise isn’t expected to happen very soon. Since modern graphics and an intense storyline can only be supported by more powerful consoles that can create immersive experiences for all gamers, maybe the developer is waiting for the release of these tech wonders to launch its newest game.

Considering this, we can imagine that the earliest time when we can start using revolutionary consoles is 2020. In this idea, Dead Space 4 might appear in the 2020-2021 timeline.

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