Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 Update is Live – Siege Machines and Wall Wrecker

Supercell released a couple of trailers for the highly anticipated Town Hall 12 update in order to give fans a glimpse of what’s to come. Luckily, the waiting is now over since the update has started rolling out through official OTA (over the air) channels. Today we are going to cover everything there is to know about Town Hall 12 update and get a closer look at the balance changes that it brings.

Siege Features

The coolest features that the new update brings are the siege workshop and siege machines. The new features become available for players who have Town Hal 12, but they can also be donated to players who have Town Hall 6. Moreover, the troops can be placed inside the machines or deployed the normal way. The best way is to store the troops inside the machines and then unleash them when they reach inside the enemy castle’s gates.

  • Battle Blimp

The Battle Blimp can be built in the siege workshop and it can fly over the enemy’s defenses such as walls and guard towers while carrying troops at the same time. Things get even better than this since the Battle Blimp can also drop bombs on buildings and open a path for troops to come in.

  • Wall Wrecker

If you are faced against an enemy who has put up an elaborate wall maze, then the Wall Wrecker is what you need. This troop destroys enemy walls with 10x damage and it can destroy all types of buildings that sit in its path. In addition, the Wall Wrecker can be used to carry troops inside the enemy’s base.

Electro Dragon Troop

The most exciting feature that is being introduced alongside the new Town Hall 12 update is the Electro Dragon Troop. This troop spits lighting out of its mouth and it can hit up to five targets at the same time. The Electro Dragon Troop requires a Town Hall 11 and Barracks level 13 in order to be created.

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