GTA 6 Release Date To Become A Huge Success

Since its release in September 2013, GTA 5 has been nothing but a success. The game has a large group of fans and its popularity doesn’t seem to decrease with passing time. With the later addition of GTA 5 Online, a multiplayer version of the game, Rockstar received countless rave reviews.

The success of GTA 5 Online

The growing demand for the new title of the GTA series amongst fans is not a surprise. Especially considering the fact that it’s been five years already since GTA 5 was introduced. The continuously high level of popularity of GTA 5 Online also makes it more likely that Rockstar will want to take advantage of it and significantly increase the company’s profit.

For now, the publisher is trying to keep GTA 5 Online as fresh and enjoyable as possible, by releasing new updates and content from time to time. At the moment, this seems to work just fine and the game still attracts new players. However, it is expected that in the following years this trend will be reversed, which will leave no choice for Rockstar but to release GTA 6.

We have no doubts that it will take a significant amount of time to develop a game at least as good as GTA 5. But how long exactly will we have to wait?

Estimated release date

The fans of the GTA series have been speculating about the possible release date of GTA 6. Judging by the way Rockstar usually launches its new titles, this would most likely be either 2020 or 2021. However, since the amount of work required to surpass GTA 5 has to be enormous, we would say that 2022 is the safest prediction.

So far, we haven’t heard anything from Rockstar that could give us a hint regarding the estimated release date of GTA 6. We hope that the producer will give us some kind of update on GTA 6 in the near future, especially since there seems to be a strong curiosity amongst fans.

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