EOS (EOS) And Ripple (XRP) Might Never Be Listed On Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

At this moment, two of the most popular and appreciated crypto coins are EOS (EOS) and Ripple (XRP). However, the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange platform is practically forgetting about these cryptos, disappointing many members of the crypto community who were expecting to see EOS and XRP listed on the renowned US-based crypto trading platform.

However, Coinbase has a few solid reasons why it’s avoiding listing EOS (EOS) and Ripple (XRP).

One of these reasons is that an investment in Ripple (XRP) and EOS (EOS) crypto coin would not be as reliable and profitable as investing in Ripple and Block.one companies. On the other hand, the debate of which crypto tokens are securities and which aren’t is also a reason why Coinbase doesn’t want to deal with EOS and XRP, at least for the moment.

Some cryptocurrency traders and crypto community enthusiasts are still hoping Coinbase will list Ripple (XRP) and EOS (EOS) but, unfortunately, this might never be the case.

EOS (EOS) and Ripple (XRP) might never be listed on Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange platform

First, the US SEC shows no signs of dealing with the situation surrounding EOS and XRP and this regulatory acts against Ripple is not something in which Coinbase would like to get itself involved. This situation, corroborated by the negative experiences Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange platform has had with other crypto coins, is what makes the renowned platform to keep a safe distance from XRP and EOS.

Also, Coinbase would like to get involved on the mainstream stock market, as well as to attract more institutional investors. Also in this regard, an EOS (EOS) and Ripple (XRP) listing would not help Coinbase due to the regulatory situation surrounding the two digital assets.

On the other hand, new and small-time investors will pop up immediately if Coinbase would announce the addition of EOS and XRP, and that will lead to EOS (EOS) and Ripple (XRP) prices to spike and then to dump. People would then blame Coinbase, definitely something that the most renowned US-based cryptocurrency exchange platform wouldn’t like to happen.

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