App Standby Buckets Replaced by Battery Saver Mode in Wear OS

The latest Wear OS developer preview confirms that the idea of using App Standby Buckets for smartwatches has been dropped, at least for now. This is one of the key features of Android P, on which Wear OS is based.

App Standby Buckets

In the first Wear OS developer preview earlier this year we could see that this power saving feature was enabled. App Standby Buckets is designed to help you lower the usage of battery by managing the apps. It is supposed to divide all the apps into four groups based on the frequency of usage: active, working set, frequent and rare. This feature can be very helpful, however, it was removed from Wear OS due to the fact that it doesn’t fit well with the way smartwatches operate.

Battery saver mode

Instead of App Standby Buckets, the latest Wear OS developer preview saw the addition of an improved battery saver mode. This feature allows users to simply stop any background processes in order to extend the life of the battery. Once all apps and services are reduced to a minimum, the smartwatch becomes nothing more than a simple watch.

What’s next for App Standby Buckets?

Even though the App Standby Buckets feature was eventually removed from Wear OS, this doesn’t mean it failed completely. As mentioned by Google, the company will focus on improving all flaws found in the system and will try to adjust it to the way smartwatches operate. Once a new version is ready, it will be implemented on Wear OS.

For now, it looks like Wear OS will need to cope without App Standby Buckets. However, as there is a growing interest and demand for smartwatches, we are sure that Google will try to improve its devices in order to take full advantage of this trend.

By Francis E. Hagopian

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