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Pokemon Go 0.105.1 Update Download Available – New Ability and Bug Fixes

Pokemon GO is one of the best mobile games ever made and there’s no doubt about that. What makes Pokemon GO truly special is the fact that it gives people the chance to live their childhood dream of running around the city and catching Pokemon while fighting against other trainers at the same time. In addition, Pokemon GO uses AR (augmented reality) technology which makes it possible for the developers to place Pokemon in real-life locations such as the nearby park.

Pokemon Go 0.105.1 Update

This game is played by millions of people every day and this means that the developers can’t take any risks with it. Niantic, the game developer in charge of Pokemon GO, is making sure that the game is always running without any issues by launching a constant stream of updates that include software tweaks and bug fixes.

Talking about Pokemon GO updates, fans of the game should be happy to know that a brand-new one has just been made available for download. The update sports the Pokemon GO “0.105.1” version number and it is available in the form of APK. With that said, let’s see what the new update contains.

Bug Fixes

Even though Pokemon GO is a premium game, some issues still manage to appear every now and then. Luckily, the developers are quick and they take care of them before they manage to do any harm. Therefore, the new update contains a bug for the in-game messaging error codes that didn’t allow players to communicate.

New Ability

Another important thing that the new update brings is the ability to view and activate in-game items such as TMs, Rare Candy and more right from the info screen of a Pokemon. This is not a groundbreaking feature, but it will surely prove to be quite useful.

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