iOS 12 beta 1 Jailbreak Tool – Cydia on iPhone X with Video Proof

iOS 12 is months away from being launched and it seems like Liang Cheng of the Tencet Keen Lab managed to successfully jailbreak iOS 12 beta 1. Things get even better than this, Liang Cheng also posted a short YouTube video in which he demonstrates the jailbreaking tool working on an iPhone X, thus giving us proof that he actually managed to do it.

iOS 12 Jailbreak Tool

The interesting thing about the new jailbreak tool is that no one was expecting iOS 12 beta 1 to be so quickly jailbroken. In fact, hackers and developers who specialize in creating iOS jailbreak tools are currently struggling to release a stable iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak and this makes Liang Cheng’s achievement even more impressive.

Cydia on iPhone X

What’s incredible about the short video posted by Liang Cheng is the fact that it shows an iPhone X running Cydia. This is awesome and it gives jailbreak fans hope for what other developers such as CoolStar might be able to do in the nearby future.

Release Date

On the downside of things, we have no idea when or if Liang Cheng is planning to release the new iOS 12 beta 1 jailbreak tool. The folks at Tencent Keen Security Lab are known for cracking all of Apple’s latest iOS versions and for not releasing the tools to the public.

The Tencent Keen Security Lab company was created in January 2016 and it focuses on security research for various operating systems ranging from Microsoft’s Windows 10 to Apple’s iOS. Nonetheless, the next jailbreak tool will be for iOS 11.3.1 and it will come from CoolStar who is currently adding the finishing touches.

Let’s just hope that CoolStar launches the highly anticipated jailbreak tool before Apple starts rolling out the official version of iOS 12.

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