Clash Royale 2.3.1 APK Update Download Available with New Cards and New Emotes

There are thousands of companies who create mobile games, but they all pale in comparison with Supercell. Supercell is the company that developed the famous Clash of Clans and Clash Royale mobile games which are renowned for how fun they are to play. The thing that makes this game developer special is the level of attention that it pays to every detail! All games that are developed by Supercell feature amazing graphics, complex combat and have a fun feel about them.

Constant Updates

Supercell is releasing so many weekly updates for its games that other game developers simply can’t compete with it. In fact, Supercell has made it a tradition to release weekly APK updates which contain bug fixes, new features and software tweaks. With that being said Clash Royale fans should be happy to know that a brand-new APK is available for download!

Clash Royale 2.3.1 APK Update

The latest update for Clash Royale comes in the form of APK and it features the 2.3.1 version number. In addition, the update is exclusive to Android fans, hence the APK build (Android Package Kit). Nonetheless, let’s check out what type of features the new update contains.

New Cards

The first thing that Clash Royale fans are going to notice after downloading the latest APK update is that Supercell has included two new cards. The cards are called “Giant Snowball” and “Royal Hogs”. Considering that these cars are new, we can only imagine how many strategies Clash Royale fans will be able to come up with.

New Emotes

One of the best things about Clash Royale is that players get to interact with each other through emotes. Therefore, Supercell has made sure to include a bunch of new emotes that can be acquired from the Shop and then introduced in the Emote Deck.

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