iOS 12 beta 2 Beta Update Available – Comes with Calling Issues

iOS 12 beta 2 has a very serious problem with phone calls on iPhone, and if you want to install it, you should know how important it is.

iOS 12 beta 2 was released yesterday by Apple, but unfortunately it comes with a very serious problem for users who installed the update on iPhone phones. Today we’ve noticed that some phone calls received on iPhone with iOS 12 beta 2 do not appear when the phone rings, so you have no way to know who is calling you or how to accept the call. iOS 12 beta 2 has a very serious problem with the phone call system, and the only solution to find out who’s calling you is to reject the call you are receiving.

At that time the lock screen is displayed if the phone is locked, a missed call and the person name, or the phone number from which it comes, but accepting the call is impossible.

We are not the only one affected by this iOS 12 beta 2 issue, and it does not happen all the time, so you will not have the problem with just every call you’ve received. Making things even worse, if you sync the call list to iOS 12 beta 2 on multiple devices, you will notice that some of the entries are listed with the called party’s phone number, not the contact name.

iOS 12 beta 2 is not the first version of an iOS beta that has such issues with phone calls, and it certainly will not be the last, unfortunately. It is expected that iOS 12 will have such problems in beta, and anyone who installs it needs to take that into account, so you should know what to expect if you install it.

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