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Will Halo 6 be an Improvement on Halo 5?

With both Sony and Nintendo maintaining their strong positions in the world of console gaming, the pressure is now on Microsoft to deliver some new exciting titles in order to regain its place alongside the two mentioned companies. It was expected to happen during Microsoft’s Showcase on June 10th, when Halo 6 was rumored to be announced.

What to expect from Halo 6

The new game of the Halo series is expected to be a continuation of Halo 5. It is very likely that we will be able to start exactly where the former game left us. As the final part of the trilogy which started with Halo 4, Halo 6 will keep Cortana as a main villain and the leader of an AI rebellion, whose goal is to reclaim the galaxy by eliminating the biological life.

Criticized for its lacks in the storyline, the Halo series will have a chance to make up for the past shortcomings with the release of Halo 6.

There is a lot to improve

Considering the fact that both Halo 4 and Halo 5 were not really highly rated by fans, the Halo series has to improve a lot in order to go back to its past glory. After all, it used to be one of the most popular online multiplayer games. Nowadays, with the growing fame of the battle royale type of games, Halo 6 has to be a really good title if it wants to reclaim the top spot in the shooter world. As impossible as it sounds, there is a chance that Halo 6 will be a success, knowing that Microsoft really needs it.

When to expect Halo 6

It is rather unlikely for Halo 6 to be launched in 2018, considering the great amount of work that has to be done. However, the next year is a safe bet. Halo 6 is expected to be released on Game Pass and PC just like other Xbox exclusives. So it looks like Halo will return to PC for the first time since Halo 2.

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