iPad Pro vs. iPad – Which One Is Worth Your Money?

Based on what we’ve seen up until this moment, Apple’s 2018 iPad is worth spending a little bit of cash. The cheapest iPad to support the Apple Pencil, the tablet was unveiled this year in March. We’ll try to compare it to the iPad Pro and see which one would be the best to buy.

When it comes to the price, iPad Pro is a more expensive tablet. The prices for it start at $649, while the entry level iPad’s price is around half of that, starting at $329. It is also worth taking into consideration the fact that Apple now has pencil support for the iPad.

Differences between specifications

Analyzing the specifications of the two iPads, we can see that they are quite similar. One notable difference would be the larger display with a slightly higher resolution that the iPad Pro is offering, even though the size does not differ that much from the other tablet’s. The screen size of the iPad Pro is 10.5-inch, while the iPad has a 9.7-inch display.

The iPad Pro also has more RAM: 4GB compared to the iPad’s 2GB, while also providing more storage options to the users. When we look at the cameras, the iPad Pro is slightly better than the iPad. The more expensive tablet comes with a front camera of 7MP and a rear camera of 12MP, while the entry-level iPad has a front camera of 1.2MP and a rear camera of 8MP.

Is Apple’s iPad Pro really worth the money?

Taking all these aspects into account, we need to ask ourselves if the big difference in price for the iPad Pro is really worth the money. The truth is that the iPad definitely looks like good value for money, and now that it even comes with the Apple Pencil, it could be the best choice for a regular user.

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