Sims 5 Leaks – New Ideas About Its Release Date

The Sims game has been launched eighteen years ago and since then, it got better and better as time passed. Due to constant improvements, the series is getting more and more fans which are waiting anxiously every new part and update.

The last and most recent version of the game is Sims 4. It was released 4 years ago and since then EA, the developer, offered gamers many DLC content packs with the purpose of updating the experience and getting the most out of each gaming session.

When will the Sims 5 appear?

Even if they were able to enjoy many update of the 4th version of Sims, fans are wondering when will they be able to play Sims 5 for the first time.

Of course, it will be a nice change to see a new installment in the game after trying all the update from the 4th version. Unfortunately, Sims fans will have to wait a long time until EA starts working on the 5th version of the game.

Some speculations connect the developer ’s tendency to release a new installment within the Sims every five years with a possible release date for part 5. If this were true, next year gamers could finally get their hands on Sims 5 and we might soon hear the announcement that will make them very happy.

Instead, EA might decide to promote more DLCs for Sims 4 because the game seems to be one of the company’s most profitable products. On the other hand, some users complained about the fact that this version limits some of the exploration liberties they had in Sims 3. This disappointment could determine EA to fix the issue for the awaited version.

Another idea behind this delay could be that EA might be willing to focus on improving the Sims for Mobile game. The thought is supported by the version’s popularity and the fact that Sims for Mobile increased the company’s profit. Since we don’t have any official information concerning Sims 5 release date, all we can do is speculate and wait.

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