Kin (KIN) Token Integrated As Payment Method From Premium Content In Kik Instant Messaging App

Kin (KIN), a token developed by the company responsible for creating the Kik instant messaging application, can be used to customize the chat windows within the app. That is expected to be just the first phase of a series of uses that Kin token will have within the messaging platform.

The announcement of this launch, called Kin-Powered, was highlighted in a June 27th publication on the Kin Foundation’s official blog. The product strategy that will integrate the Kin token into the Kik instant messaging application will, in principle, enable the use of custom chat premium themes which can be accessed only by using the token and not with fiat money.

This integration is just the first step of the new plans to increase Kin (KIN) adoption

This integration will be the one that will lead to the creation of an exclusive market for Kin, a cryptocurrency created for the decentralization of digital services that does not yet work with any digital service and that is currently in the 76th position, according to the CoinMarketCap.

According to the announcement, a specific survey study was carried out to observe the behavior of Kik’s users. Although the survey revealed that users were more interested in other features that other chat providers offer, Kik instant messaging app’s team has integrated the Kin (KIN) token as a payment method for the customizable premium content within the application because it has been one of the requirements coming from users.

Similarly, at the end of March, the Kin Foundation team announced that it would work with the developers of Unity video games to offer a monetization option to suppliers who incorporate Kin (KIN) payment method into the games. These games are Dead Frontier, Crossy Road, and Pokemon Go.

Kin Foundation suggested this is just the beginning of the new plans they have to increase Kin (KIN) cryptocurrency adoption.

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