Clash Royale Major Update Download Available – New Emotes, Buffed Chests and Big Ladder Changes

One of the best things about being a Clash Royale fan is that you never know what Supercell is going to include in the next update. The developer is currently working on a major “June 2018” update and it’s scheduled to come out during the upcoming days. Even though Supercell wants the update’s contents to take fans by surprise, the game developer decided to give fans a sneak preview of what’s to come.

Updated Emotes

Clash Royale fans should be happy to know that Supercell is going to make it easier for them to communicate with their friends and enemies through emotes. The game developer announced that Clash Royale’s upcoming update will introduce twelve new emotes which feature goblins and princesses!

The new emotes are going to be available in the in-game shop they can be purchased in packs of four for the price of $3. In addition, players can bundle which four emotes they like the most in one pack. Another great change that Supercell is going to introduce to the way emotes work is a special tab which will appear next to the Battle Decks tab.

Chests and Extra Gold (Big Buffs)

Supercell knows that Clash Royale fans love nothing more than getting huge rewards when opening Golden Chests. Therefore, the game developer has announced that players will receive more rewards after the new update arrives because it will buff chests to give extra gold.

Ladder Update

Bangs and Seth are two of the most famous Clash Royale developers and one of the reasons why people love them so much is because they drop hints about upcoming features. The two developers recently did a podcast where they let listeners know that league matchmaking is going to receive some changes. Not just that, but the game will drop more Legendaries than ever!

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