Samsung Gear S4 Smartwatch: Improved Battery Life and OLED Display

Does anybody know how long has it been since Samsung has released something new? Gear S3 met the light in late 2016, while its smaller brother, Samsung Gear Sport, was launched last fall. Gear Fit 2 Pro had a slimmer display, which was also curved, just right for a fitness tracker.

On the 9th of August, in New York City, Samsung’s Unpacked 2018 will happen, and CNET will also make its appearance there.

Samsung Gear S4 battery life

Samsung Gear S4 will have a better battery life, be it because of an even more efficient processor, or a bigger battery. The watches from Samsung are actually better than others: the Gear S3, which was released in 2016 can last days after a charge. Let’s keep in mind that Gear S3 is actually a big watch. One of a smaller size, Gear Sport, for example, has features such as speakerphone calling. The watches from Samsung already have sleep tracking features, such as Fitbit and Garmin watchesdo, but let’s not ignore the importance of a good life battery.

About the display

Samsung’s smartwatches had a slimmer design, in comparison with the Gear S3’s mega-watch feel. Many reports out there already started to talk about the new design of the Samsung watches. There’s a possibility that the new watch will have a second display, that can come with some extra modes and features. In 2017, it was shown a second screen, which had curved edges and which could give up second readouts on the sides. This reminded us of the curved OLED edges from Samsung’s Galaxy and Note smartphones.

The ability of Samsung stays in the OLED display, even if previous smartwatches, just like Gear Fit have done some experiments with curved displays. So the question is: is there a possibility that the new smartwatch can actually have an OLED display?

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