Microsoft Surface Book 3: Release Date in 2020?

So in happened that after Microsoft released the Surface Book 2, they shut critics’ voices. This did not come as a surprise. But what did, however, was the piece of news that the Microsoft Surface Book 3 had a long way until it could hit the market. Believe it or not, there are many rumors about it already, such as a 4k display, many new features, and possibly a very expensive price.

The Surface Book 2 was released in 2017, and the new device, Microsoft Surface Book 3 is probably going to be released after the year 2019. There are some rumors roaming around the internet that they will launch it in October, but that’s not going to happen.

Can the price get up to $1,199?

If we’re to talk about the price, it could be retailing at $1,199. This means that the price would be the same as it was for the Surface Book 2, the 13.5-inch version. The device with the bigger screen costs about $2,499. We can do nothing but hope that the price doesn’t change at all, or better, goes below.

If we are to talk about specs, we can’t really know for sure yet, since it’s doesn’t exist. It would be impossible to guess the right specs. However, there is some basic stuff that we can talk about.

A next-gen device

For example, the new device will have the next-gen Intel processors. It’s also a possibility to have the current-gen one. We also know that it will have the latest AMD or NVidia GPU.

It’s also been said that the Microsoft Surface Book 3 will have just enough power to get well with the next gen of VR and AR experiences. How awesome is that? We are, however, afraid that it won’t be compatible with this kind of innovation, and that would be just such a shame.

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