Minecraft Aquatic Update Download Available for Java Players

Released first on other platforms the Update Aquatic has been made available for the players of the classic Java version. The Windows 10 edition was the first to receive the update, splitting the PC players in half. The update adds the marine biome, which includes among other features new life forms, secret underwater temples and more.

The PS4 is the only platforms that have not received the update, with no future release date in sight.

While the full patch notes are available here, check out a brief highlights selection of the general enhancements below:


  • All undead mobs now sink
  • Changed underwater visibility
  • Your vision will gradually increase the longer you’re underwater
  • Overhauled world generation
  • Overhauled command parser
  • Added new world type “Buffet”
  • Allows you to create worlds with a unique biome
  • More features will come to the Buffet world type in later updates
  • Added a bunch of new sounds
  • Added three new pieces of music
  • Added underwater ambience sounds
  • Added a swimming animation
  • Press your sprint key underwater to start swimming
  • Added data packs
  • Allows you to edit recipes, tags, loot tables, functions, and advancements
  •  Added new advancements
  •   Some blocks can now be waterlogged
  • Use a water bucket on a block to surround it with water
  • Added an “Optimize World” button (singleplayer -> edit world -> optimize world), which upgrades an entire world from older version to the latest version in one go

Released by Markus Persson and Mojang, Minecraft became a hit since early beta, allowing users to create and recreate complex virtual worlds within the game. Several landmark locations from both real life and video games have been reconstructed in Minecraft with amazing accuracy, seeming at first glance to be pictures of the real thing.

The game is available on all the major gaming platforms and is known for being it among children and adults alike.

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