Pokemon GO 0.111.2 Update Available With Exciting New Features And Lucky Pokemon

All you trainers out there may be best advised to take a seat and read this article. With the recent 0.111.2 update, Pokemon GO has become even more interesting thanks to some incredible new additions.

We’re talking about the introduction of the Lucky Pokemon, a special new type which will require a smaller amount of Stardust to power up, new berry items, a complete Celebi encounter and more.

Lucky Pokemon

We should start with what represents a special subject for most players out there, the Lucky Pokemon. If we were to listen to what the code base has to say, any particular Pokemon can be branded as Lucky. A network traffic analyst from POGO Dev Discord has stumbled upon a neat feature. Apparently, Lucky Pokemon will be able to power up with a smaller amount of Stardust.

The Pokedex is already displaying the Lucky Pokemon label, meaning that you should be on the lookout for this feature. We still know very little about this type of Pokemon but, besides the decrease in the required Stardust, these Pokemon also come with custom background, animation and camera effects.

Be ready for the Celebi Encounter

Don’t rub your eyes in wonder because it’s true. Celebi is up and ready to be introduced to the world. According to our sources, everything is packed and ready, animations, camera action, required fields and the Celebi Pokedex screen as well. Now, all we can do is wait for the NIA to deliver it to us.

A new berry appears

We took a look at the APK’s static assets and we’ve stumbled upon a new Pinap Berry. There are speculations that it will be called Silver Pinap Berry (confirmation still pending) and that, along with its emergence on the market, the amount of Pokemon Candy received from capture encounters will rise as well.

Along with the appearance of the Lucky Pokemon, it will do well in relieving the pressure of stashing Rare Candies.


Niantic is investing in the social aspect of the game, if we take a look at the improvements added to the Friend list or the Gift system. The mystery of the Lucky Pokemon and of the new type of berry will soon be revealed. All we can do now is wait.

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