Opera Mini Beta 36.0.2254.129633 APK Update Download Available with Android O Software Optimization

Opera Mini is the ideal browser for people who enjoy surfing the web while mobile. The cool thing about Opera Mini is that it has been designed to offer a plethora of features while taking up as little storage space as possible. Therefore, Opera Mini will prove to be quite useful for people who own smartphones that don’t have too much internal storage space. Although, this doesn’t mean that Opera Mini is limited to mid-ranged smartphones since it offers a bunch of innovative features that make it a nice app to have on any smartphone!

Opera Mini Beta 36.0.2254.129633 APK

There are many things that make Opera Mini stand out when compared to other mobile browsers, but the most important thing has to be the fact that it’s constantly receiving updates. The people who are in charge of Opera Mini are always looking to improve the performance that the mobile browser offers and what better way to do this other than through regular updates? With that being said, the beta version of Opera Mini has just received a brand-new APK update which changes its version number to “36.0.2254.129633”.

Android O Optimization

One of the best features that Opera Mini brings to the table is its data compression system which reduces the amount of mobile data that is required to load websites. Fortunately, the new update optimizes Opera Mini so that it runs better on Google’s latest Android O operating system which means that Opera Mini will perform better than ever and that it will be able to lower mobile data consumption even more!

Improved Stability

Another great thing about this latest Opera Mini APK update is the fact that it comes with a handful of bug fixes which help improve the browser’s overall stability. Therefore, Opera Mini will not only run faster than ever, but it will also feature a better user experience.

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