Oppo R17 Pro Would Come Out In Mid-October With A Fantastic Triple Camera System

After weeks of rumors, we already know all the features of the Oppo R17 Pro, the new flagship smartphone of the Chinese company Oppo that comes with a curious mix of high-end and mid-range features and a reasonably attractive price. Its most attractive function, however, would be the triple camera system on the back.

Oppo is a unique company, and it forms a very interesting Chinese trident together with Vivo and OnePlus.

Oppo and Vivo are essentially the same, but they dedicate their products to separate segments. While Oppo is a little more open, with mobiles from all ranges, although the mid- and low-range smartphones prevail, Vivo is looking for excellence, as we have seen with their Apex handset. OnePlus, on the other hand, develops high-end smartphones.

The Oppo R17 Pro is a smartphone with a high-end design thanks to a 6.4-inch screen that occupies 91.5% of the front side, but which presents a tiny notch. Besides its high-end features, including a triple camera system and 8 GB RAM, Oppo R17 Pro packs a Snapdragon 710, Qualcomm’s SoC for the premium mid-range smartphones.

The triple camera system on Oppo R17 Pro are its main high-end feature

Since Huawei launched its P20 Pro, with exceptional camera performance, there’s an increased interest from the manufacturers to implement triple camera systems in their smartphones. The Oppo R17 Pro is one of those phones and boasts three cameras on the back configuration that would look like in the pic below.

The primary camera of the system is a 12-megapixel sensor with f/1.5-f/2.4 aperture and optical stabilizer, similar to what we have on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The support camera would boast 20 MP, while the third sensor would the so-called depth sensor.

With this camera, the background blurring would be improved.

We already know that three cameras and a whole bunch of megapixels do not guarantee excellence, but on paper, the cameras of the Oppo R17 Pro sounds a great feature on the upcoming smartphone.

The Oppo R17 Pro smartphone will roll out in mid-October in China, while the release date in the Western markets is yet to be known.

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