Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Launched – How PES 2019 Compares With Its Predecessor And FIFA?

Just a couple of days before, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 launched, a fact that gives it a full month edge over FIFA 19, its only competitor so far, that would roll out on September 28th, 2018. Now, that the Konami’s game is out, we can see how PES 2019 compares with its previous version and with FIFA.

Above all, if you are expecting some “mind-blowing” new visible features and “frontpage” changes you might be disappointed because PES 2019 is not that kind of game. Konami planned some more subtle, under the hood improvements. However, the Japanese video games developers implemented some updates in the Ultimate Team baiting MyClub mode, mostly some visuals improvements, plus the new Magic Moments, a way for the gamers to show off and see the players’ skills.

Besides those, Konami improved the gameplay and after just a few matches played you’ll see the difference. Is visible that, at least compared with PES 2018, FIFA 18, or what we got so far on the upcoming FIFA 19, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is the most beautiful soccer simulation with accurate animations and stunning cinematics.

PES 2019 lacks the variety we see in FIFA series but overcomes its competitor with a great gameplay

PES 2019 is limited when compared to FIFA in almost every aspect, from menus to the number of licensed leagues and teams and career mode structure. But when you’re in a match, every negative aspect of the game fades away, and you’re going to be absorbed by the gameplay and the atmosphere on the pitch.

As for the licensed leagues and teams, PES 2019 lacks the variety offered by its competitor, FIFA, and this year Konami lost its most significant advantage it held over EA Sports – The UEFA Champions League license. Besides, even though the Japanese producer struggled to add a few new leagues and license more teams to the game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 looks “crippled” in this regard.

In short, Konami bets on improving the gameplay of PES 2019 instead of working thoroughly on adding more leagues and license more teams. And indeed Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 overcomes its predecessor and its competitor, as well, in that regard.

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