Clash Royale Balance Update Available to Download in September

The next month will start with a fantastic balance update which will give nerfs and buffs to the most popular cards in Clash Royale.

What will the changes bring?

The Witch will get the most significant nerf along with this balance update because its hitpoints will be decreased by 3.5 percent as to allow players to defeat her with Log (or Barbarian Barrel) and Fireball. She will remain a nightmare for those who come unprepared even though the preparing is more comfortable.

Another card which will be affected by the nerfs coming in September are Royal Hogs, Valkyrie, Barbarian Barrel, and Cannon Cart. Royal Hogs and Valkyrie’s hit speed will be slower by 0.1 and 0.2 seconds while Cannon Cart will receive a 0.5 tile range decrease.

The Barbarian Barrel is one of the most affected from the list as its range will be shortened to five tiles from seven, and its damage decreased by nine percent. The price will also be changed, and it will match The Log’s. According to Supercell Barbarian Barrel has been struggling to find a place in the game since it was released.

The biggest buff the game gets

The Royal Recruits will get the most significant buff of the update as its damage will increase by 12 percent. Lightning’s damage will increase by five percent and Prince’s hitpoints by five percent.

In the end, Zappies will get “changed reload mechanics” in the form of “slowing down their first attack after moving but preventing them from being stun-locked by other Zappies.”

The current Clash Royale meta will undoubtedly be impacted by these changes, but the players will adjust and adapt their decks accordingly.

The balance update will go live on the 3rd of September.

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