Google Maps Best Tricks For Mobility and Entertainment in 2018

Before you decide to get out of the house and go to your favorite restaurant for dinner, you can get on Google Maps and see for how long you would need to wait in line until getting in. You can search the restaurant in the app and check for Popular Times. You can then make an estimation of the time wasted waiting and make your plans accordingly.

Add multiple locations

Usually, when you are searching for a destination on Google Maps, it makes a simple plan to get from point A to point B. If you want to make stops during your trip, you can use the Add Stop option in the app which can be found in the menu aka the horizontal dots in the top right corner.

Use street view to travel

If you are curious to see what other people do over the world, you can use Street View to check neighborhoods, but another advantage of this option is that you can see a lot of old photos. Click on the clock-shaped icon in the top left corner after launching Street View in your browser, and from there you can take a look at all the pictures taken by Google for any specific spot.

How steep your bike ride will be 

While riding your bike, you would hate to run into a big hill that you did not know of. Next time you go out for a ride, you can go on Google Maps first and ask for the biking directions. The graph which will appear will show you the steepness of each part of your route, and you will no longer be faced with something unexpectedly.

Measure distance

If you’re using Google Maps in your browser, you can easily measure the distance between any two locations. Right-click somewhere on the map and select “Measure Distance.” Then, click anywhere else to see how far away it is.

It is super easy to make a trip plan based on the distance measured, and Google map can help you do just that. After clicking somewhere on the map, press Measure Distance. After that click anywhere else and you will see how far away that chosen destination is.

Zoom in and out with just one finger

Usually, we would pinch the screen in order to zoom the image, but sometimes we only have on hand that we can use. If you want to use only one finger, you need to tap twice on the screen of your phone, and after that, you need to hold it down on the spot you want to look better at. Google Maps will zoom that image in, and by sliding your finger up and down, you can adjust the scale how you prefer.

Without internet connection

If you do not have the internet or you do not want to use or your data for Google Maps, you can download a map of the area you are traveling to. Go to offline maps and choose from a wide variety of maps that will help you orientate on your next trip. This will help you a lot because it works like a GPS.

Google Maps history

Every location you go to is tracked by Google Maps, but it that sound creepy to you you can always turn this feature off by going to Manage Location History.

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