iPhone XS and XS Max Charging Issue To Be Fixed In The Upcoming iOS 12.1 Update

We reported a few days ago that some iPhone XS and XS Max users complain about a charging issue affecting the before-mentioned Apple devices. According to the initial reports on this problem, there are no viable solutions to solve it out entirely. However, now Apple decided to tackle this issue which seems to be software-related. In that regard, iPhone XS and XS Max charging problem would be solved out in the upcoming iOS 12.1 update.

Recently, right after Apple released its three new iPhone 2018 models, users reported an intriguing charging issue affecting iPhone XS and XS Max. According to the reports coming from users, these two models present the problem only when connected to a wall power outlet with the screen off. On the other hand, wireless charging works flawlessly.

However, the issue has been related to a software error, so Apple found the bug and fixed it. The new version of iOS 12.1 would tackle this issue on iPhone XS and XS Max phones.

The Upcoming iOS 12.1 Update will fix the iPhone XS and XS Max Charging Issue

Apple rolled out its new iOS 12 along with the release of iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. The new Apple OS, however, seems to be the culprit for the XS and XS Max charging issue. Luckily, Apple announced that the upcoming iOS 12.1 version would fix that problem. But the Cupertino-based tech giant did not announce when the new iOS update will hit the market.

What’s certain is that Apple will release an iOS 12.1 Beta soon which comes out with a fix for the charging issue on iPhone XS and XS Max. But a beta, as we already know, is just a testing version of the final product and, although it contains some improvements and bug fixes, it may also come out with other issues and unstable behavior.

So, to be sure your experience with a new iPhone XS and XS Max is maximized, you should wait for the final iOS 12.1 version to roll out.

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