How To Setup A VPN Profile In Windows 10

The Internet is more complex day by day. We enjoy more speed, more services, and more possibilities and practical applications to take advantage of this technology but, at the same time, we find ourselves exposed to more dangers and threats, such as security flaws and private data leaks. So, we must maintain our privacy while navigating online. In this regard, setting up a VPN profile in Windows 10 might be ideal.

We have already talked about the advantages of VPN connections on other occasions, and we even presented you some of the best VPN solutions. However, Windows 10 allows us to connect to a VPN easily and without the need to install additional software. All you have to do is to follow a few simple steps.

Create a VPN profile in Windows 10

From Start -> Configuration -> Network and Internet -> VPN click on Add a VPN connection and fill in the necessary fields. Specifically, we must choose Windows in VPN Provider and indicate a descriptive name for the profile. In VPN Type we will have to select the type of connection according to the requirements of our VPN provider.

Finally, under the Login section, we must choose one of the available options, depending on whether we have a username and password, temporary password, a certificate, or other. Click on Save, and you’re done.

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Connect to the VPN profile you’ve just created

Once the VPN profile is ready, we can access that VPN connection immediately. The fastest way is from the taskbar, by clicking on the Network icon. There we will see the available VPN connections. All you have to do now is to click on Connect, from the pop-up window itself or the VPN Configuration.

If everything goes well and your Windows 10 computer is connected to the VPN profile network you have created, by clicking on the Network icon in the taskbar you can check that the connection to the VPN is established.

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