iOS 13 Leaks and Rumors – What To Expect From iOS 13?

In 2018, Apple launched a series of new smartphones, such as iPhone Xs, Xs Max, iPhone XR, and a new Apple Watch Series 4. Besides, the Cupertino-based company also rolled out its new iOS 12 with many fresh features and functions. However, iOS 13 leaks and rumors have already emerged on the Internet. What to expect from iOS 13?

Since iOS 7, Apple did not implement many changes in its OS for mobile devices. Year after year, Apple only added some features and new functions but, overall, there is nothing notable regarding the changes the tech giant added to iOS.

According to Mark Gorman, a Bloomberg contributor, the upcoming iOS 13, allegedly codenamed “Yukon,” would boast an entirely different Home Screen with new icons. Gorman also confirmed some iOS 13 leaks and rumors reported by Axios, such as the enhanced photo-taking, editing and sharing, and a new mail and in-car user interface.

iOS 13 Leaks and Rumors – What To Expect From iOS 13?

Last time Apple implemented a Home Screen change was in iOS 7, back in 2013. Accordingly, the modifications debated by Mark Gorman would be the most significant in 5 years.

Miami Morning Star reported that the following features would most likely come to iOS 13:

  • cross-platform support between the next iOS and macOS 10.15;
  • a new set of emojis;
  • new and enhanced Apple Pencil;

However, there is nothing official on the future iOS 13, so many of these iOS 13 leaks and rumors might turn out to be fake, eventually. As for the iOS 13 release date, we don’t yet know when the new Apple’s OS version for mobile devices would come out. But, Apple might present the new iOS 13 version during its WWCD.

Accordingly, since the Apple WWCD event is set for June 2019, we might have a worldwide available iOS 13 version by September next year. Of course, in the meantime, many iOS leaks and rumors would come out.

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