Chrome 70 Comes With Picture-In-Picture Support on Windows and MacOS

Even though Google Chrome’s latest version eliminated one feature, Chrome 70 comes with picture-in-picture support on Windows and MacOS, as reported by Android Police. Although this function could have been activated manually in Chrome 69 Beta, in the new version of the renowned Google Internet browser, the feature is on by default.

As mentioned, the first time the picture-in-picture function appeared in Chrome was in the Chrome 69 Beta version. Back then, the service was just manual, users activating and deactivating it at will. Now, with the Google Chrome’s latest release, Chrome 70, the PiP feature is on by default.

“In September 2016, Safari added Picture-in-Picture support through a WebKit API in macOS Sierra. Six months later, Chrome automatically played Picture-in-Picture video on mobile with the release of Android O using a native Android API. Six months later, we announced our intent to build and standardize a Web API, feature compatible with Safari’s, that would allow web developers to create and control the full experience around Picture-in-Picture,” stated Francois Beaufort on the Google Developer site.

Chrome 70 Comes With Picture-In-Picture Support on Windows and MacOS

In short, Google Chrome’s latest version, Chrome 70, the most popular Internet browser in the world brings Picture-in-Picture support by default. In the previous version, Chrome 69 Beta, on the other hand, the PiP mode could only be activated manually.

The devs, however, would still need to turn on picture-in-picture on their end. Thus, users wouldn’t be able to enjoy the new PiP support in Chrome 70 with every video they play in Chrome, at least not for the moment being.

To test the new Picture-in-Picture support in Google Chrome 70, go to YouTube, double-right-click on a video on the platform and go to the “Picture in Picture” section from the menu. Then, the respective video will instantly shrink down and pop up in the bottom corner. You can then move the video frame wherever on the screen.

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