The Best Minimalist Text Editors for Windows 10

Choosing the right minimalist text editor in Windows 10 might be challenging since there are all kinds of programs in this category. For that reason, we come into helping you with a list of the best minimalist text editors for Windows 10, so that you can write without distractions, focusing on your task only.

Minimalist text editors are good options for novelists, journalists, or anyone else who wants to focus on their writing tasks, without getting distracted. This type of editors will also offer you anything you need to write and format your work as you want.

The Best Minimalist Text Editors for Windows 10


Typora is a minimalist text editor for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Its design is straightforward, very clean, and with not many elements that would distract us when writing. Also, this one stands out for having many functions besides writing, as we can insert tables and code language, as well as we can create equations and all kinds of mathematical operations with it.

Typora is also compatible with Microsoft Word formats, PDF, and many others.


Raven is one of the best minimalist text editors, even though it’s still in Beta version. However, it’s an excellent choice for all kinds of writers. That is a text editor that we can use on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Raven is a simplistic, minimalist text editor that boasts a fullscreen, gray text box so that it won’t distract us from our writing tasks. Also, it shows a side panel from where we can access the functions it offers us to edit all the texts as we want. Besides, Raven allows users to save their work directly on Google Drive or Dropbox.


The last one in our list of the best minimalist text editors for Windows 10 is Ghostwriter which is also available for Linux. Ghostwriter’s design stands out for being simple with no distractions within the text box. At the top, we have a series of buttons that offer access to the editor’s functions.

Ghostwriter minimalist text editor allows users to save their work in various formats, including Microsoft Word formats. It also comes with support for HTML code and Markdown, as well. Besides, Ghostwriter also supports PDF and ODT files.

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