Chrome OS To Enhance Android and Google Assistant Integration

Chrome OS runs Android apps for some time now, as it is running Android 7 Nougat as a subsystem within it. Now, since Android Nougat emerged on the market two years ago, it would be replaced with Android 9 Pie instead of Android 8 Oreo. And that’s precisely what Google wants to do to enhance Android and Google Assistant integration.

And Android 9 Pie comes with a lot of new and useful features in comparison with Android 8 Oreo. So, Chromebooks would be better with Android Pie. Even though Google still has many features to present regarding the new Chrome OS version, two further changes are noteworthy.

First, as displayed on Chrome Unboxed, the new Settings app on the new Canary channel release looks similar to what we have on Android tablets or phones. However, it seems like having a lot more dead space than in previous versions, which is not quite fascinating, but, hopefully, in the Beta or full version, the Settings section would be revamped to match the Chromebooks’ screens.

Chrome OS To Enhance Android and Google Assistant Integration

Besides the Settings app changes, the new Chrome OS version would also bring an enhanced Google Assistant integration. The Chromebook dock Google Search tab on top of the screen has been replaced with a Google Assistant bar which also reveals suggested sites and apps. Also, when you launch Google Assistant, it would open a broad window at the front and center of your Chromebook’s screen. That, instead of opening a window that hides in the corner of the display.

With this new way, Google Assistant is much straightforwardly to use, view, read its content, and interact with it.

The Google Pixel Slate also revealed a similar Google Assistant approach, so it’s not entirely clear if the new Assistant UI would eventually arrive on Beta or Stable channels for more Android-based devices, but reveals that Chrome OS system is continuously evolving.

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