Samsung Might Be Working On Its Own Gaming Smartphone

Samsung is presently developing a number of new handsets that would further reinforce its leadership in the smartphone market against rivals like Apple and Huawei. One of the devices the giant South Korean tech company is working on might be Samsung gaming smartphone.

While the details are still unclear at the time of writing, a Samsung Mobile News tweet, an informal Twitter feed that occasionally distributes information about the South Korean giant’s latest products, discloses that a Samsung gaming smartphone is in the making.

From a technical point of view, what Samsung may be considering doing is to leverage its Galaxy line-up to build a smartphone that is specifically tuned for games, most probably with a more powerful battery, RAM, and more storage.

Allegedly, Samsung is working on a gaming smartphone

At the moment some people are speculating that the Samsung gaming smartphone may be a secret Galaxy phone which would boast a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset and 8 GB of RAM. It is highly possible that the South Korean tech company would also adopt technologies from other devices, such as the cooling system of the Galaxy Note 9, in an effort to deliver a seamless gaming experience.

It will also be exciting to know what Samsung has chosen for the display of this model as the curved edges of the S9 series are not the most suitable for a dedicated gaming smartphone.

On the other hand, the gaming smartphone market is increasing significantly lately, so the leading phone manufacturer in the world, Samsung, could not ignore this segment. Accordingly, a Samsung gaming smartphone would be the next logical step for the South Korean giant tech company.

A Samsung gaming smartphone might be announced next month

While it’s still early to know much about this alleged Samsung gaming smartphone, some rumors say that the tech giant might announce it next month during Samsung’s┬ádeveloper-only conference of November where the company would also present its Galaxy X foldable smartphone.

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