iOS 12 Jailbreak – Downgrade from 12.01 Impossible?

To encourage users to stick to the latest firmware, Apple usually stops signing the previous one. After it launched iOS 12 in September, Apple now gave up on it. The latest public update which you can use is iOS 12.0.1; it came with bug fixes and enhanced performance. Also, the update resolved the pestering charging and Wi-Fi issues among others. So, what can jailbreak users do now?

Impossible to downgrade

As we already said, you can’t no longer get the iOS 12 from Apple, meaning that users using the 12.0.1 version can’t downgrade. Average users might not feel affected by this, since the previous one had a lot of issues and the update brought fixes and stability.

However, those that use jailbreaks might prefer downgrades to jailbreak their iPhones. So far, it isn’t possible to use a jailbreak for iOS 12 since no such thing has been made public.


However, there is a possibility sometime in the foreseeable future to get access to a jailbreak, making some users resist the urge of upgrading to the latest version of the iOS. We saw already demos of iOS 12 jailbreak (from Pangu and Luca Todesco), but we couldn’t find out if any of them – or other developers – are willing to make the jailbreak open for the general public.

Hang on

Those still using the iOS 12 and hoping for a potential jailbreak are best advised to resist upgrading to the latest version of the iOS. The reason for that is that, once upgraded, Apple will not allow you to go back to iOS 12.

In the end, it’s up to you

It is entirely your decision and you should choose as you see fit. Consider all the possibilities and what they mean. The new update comes with stability increase and fixes, but once upgrade, you won’t be able to go back.

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