Samsung’s Folding Smartphone Might Be Presented At The Company’s Conference On November 7th

A Samsung official reiterated that the South Korean giant tech company intends to unveil its long-awaited folding smartphone this week at the company’s developer-only conference, as Reuters announced.

The anonymous Samsung official admitted that it a “different approach” is applicable for the Samsung’s first folding smartphone in comparison to consumer launches that the company is choosing for its flagship smartphones, he said that it was necessary because “the foldable smartphone is a completely new concept in terms of design and user experience.”

Although we don’t expect a final release of the so-called Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone, we hope to see the phone’s GUI, alongside the first detailed images of the new smartphone. Maybe, a developer model would also be sent to the devs. That should be enough information for them to start developing applications, even if it is not enough to convince commercial users to buy a device that could easily cost about $2,000.

Samsung’s First Folding Smartphone Might Be Presented At The Company’s Conference On November 7th

If the rumors are right, the announcement of Samsung’s first folding smartphone will come at the end of a difficult year for the mobile division of the South Korean tech giant, as its global market share for smartphones declined by about 13% in the last quarter, compared to 2017, while its recent flagship series underperformed against Huawei and Xiaomi devices.

Samsung’s latest report on its own market results suggests that a folding smartphone could be a way to strengthen its competitiveness, but in 2019, which also marks the 10th anniversary of Samsung Galaxy series with Samsung Galaxy S10. It is, therefore, a good time for Samsung to unveil its new foldable smartphone which would launch next year.

We will find out more about the next plans the South Korean tech giant has at Samsung’s conference which is scheduled to start on November 7th at 1:00 PM (EST).

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