iOS 13 Might Come Out With New Emojis

Apple is currently preparing to release iOS 12.1. At the moment, we have arrived at Beta 5, and it should not take long until the manufacturer provides the final version. Then, we’ll be able to enjoy the more than 70 new Emojis iOS 12.1 would boast. But this saga won’t be the end of the Emoji flagpole yet. Also, in iOS 13 and its subsequent versions (iOS 13.x), new Emojis will be implemented. The candidates have been already published.

Although Apple is now working on iOS 12.1, the preparations for iOS 13 are ongoing. Now, we’re focusing on the new Emojis that might appear in Apple’s next year iOS version from which the fans expect many changes and new features and functions. Also, an iOS 13 concept has rolled out and dozens of fan-made iOS 13 wishlists, as well.

The Unicode Consortium has announced a total of 236 candidates for Emoji 12.0 for iOS 13. These are supposed to end up in the next year’s iOS 13 and macOS 10.15 operating system designed by Apple.

iOS 13 might come with new Emojis with more skin tones, animals, and images

Candidates for the Emoji 12.0 update primarily show different Emojis with more skin tones and skin color combinations than the actual Emojis, a dragon, a flamingo, a white heart, a sloth, and a few more.

According to Emojipedia, there will be a decision taken at the Unicode Consortium in January 2019 as to which candidates will actually end up in Emoji 12.0. Between January and March 2019 the whole process would complete. Just as with the last Emoji updates, Apple and other manufacturers are not expected to implement the new Emojis in their systems in parallel to the release.

Accordingly,┬áthe manufacturer, Apple, will probably take its time until autumn when the iOS 13.1 would come out. In the meantime, we’ll receive more news about the features and functions of the next year’s iOS 13 for iPhone and iPad.

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