Best Kodi Addons Available to Download This Year

Kodi is open source software which enables the user to watch videos, pictures or listen to music through the Internet or by accessing the local storage from a host of platforms. Most people know the software as a media player.

Kodi is available for download on PCs, smartphones, laptops and other devices. It is compatible with all operating systems: Mac OS, Linux, Windows, Android and iOS. A lot of people love the fact that they can use the software on their mobile. This feature gives them the possibility to enjoy their favourite TV shows or movies wherever they are.

Add-ons open the way to online entertainment

Despite its popularity and practicability, Kodi is surrounded by a controversy. Since people can stream live TV channels, sports and TV series, the software is also seen as a piracy tool. The main reason for this idea is that it enables the users’ free access to a content which is normally paid.

Don’t worry, Kodi is legal! However, you will need add-ons to access the content from streaming platforms. Some third-party add-ons can lead the users towards unsecured paths because they facilitate access to places where they don’t have the right to be. Still, the best add-ons for Kodi are perfectly safe. Here is a list with the software’s most popular ”helpers” in 2018:

  1. Plex for Kodi;
  2. Smart Things Monitor;
  3. Steam Launcher;
  4. Pluto TV;
  5. Vice;
  6. SpotiMC;
  7. FilmOn TV;
  8. NBC Sports Live Extra;
  9. PlayOn;
  10. Snag Films.

As you can see, the list contains add-ons for various types of online entertainment programs: music, videos, movies, sports and more. These are only a few examples, but a lot more add-ons are waiting to be discovered. You can easily find them and start enjoying everything Kodi has to offer!

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